To enroll you must be 18 years old.

Confirmation of your registration:

  • You will get by e-mail a confirmation of your enrolment together with the invoice detailing the payment received and the amount due after your arrival if that is the case.

Confirmation of your registration:

  • Should you come from outside the European Community and desire to stay in France for more than 3 months, you may need a visa “long séjour” (or “visa d’études longues durées”). In this case you will be required to make full payment of the course to obtain a certificate of registration.


  • If your visa is refused, and on presentation of the original document from the French Embassy proving this, L’Atelier 9 will refund you in full less 200 euro administrative fees and 80 euro for bank transfer costs. Refunds are done only by Bank transfer. There is no refund if you don’t provide an original document by the French Embassy. Copies and photocopies are refused and not considered as original documents.

  • Should you be unable to attend for medical or professional reasons (a medical or professional certificate must be sent to us by express mail) your stay will be postponed within a period of 12 months after the reception of the certificate. Refund is possible under mentioned sales conditions. All refund and cancellation claims must be made before the start of the course.

For all other cases:

  • If you cancel your course more than one month in advance, L’Atelier 9 will refund you 70% of the fees paid, minus 100 euros in administrative fees. Refunds are done only by bank transfer.

  • If you cancel three or four weeks before your starting date (Monday for the course), L’Atelier 9 will refund you 60% of the fees paid, minus 100 euros in administrative fees. Refunds are done only by bank transfer.

  • If you cancel one or two weeks before your starting date (Monday for the course) L’Atelier 9 will refund you 40% of the fees paid, minus 100 euros in administrative fees . Refunds are done only by bank transfer.

  • No refund will be made after the first date of your course.

  • If the school cancels your course you will be fully refunded. No Bank or administrative fees will be billed to you.

Absence and course interrruption:

  • Registering for a course means that you are committing yourself to attend regularly.

  • You cannot make any refund claims if you miss classes or if you decide to discontinue your course (this excludes absence for proven medical reasons upon presentation of medical certificate, dully translated in French by an officially recognized French translator, only original documents are accepted).

  • You cannot claim any refund if you decide to stop your course. Missed lessons cannot be made up for or refunded. No refund or make up lessons for courses that fall on a mandatory national holiday.


  • If a student shows abnormal behaviour or if he has ulterior motifs for attending the school L’Atelier 9 reserves the right to exclude him from the school at any time. L’Atelier 9 reserves the right to expel from the school any student who disrupts courses without any refund.


  • Claims must be addressed to the school’s office where it’ll be decided whether the refunds proceeds . All claims concerning L’Atelier 9 must be made directly to the office.


  • L’Atelier 9 declines all responsibility for theft, damages or losses. Both parties agree that L’Atelier 9 will not be held responsible in those matters. Health, accident and life insurance must be verified before arrival.

Use of photographic material:

  • L’Atelier 9 may take photographs of students in order to illustrate its brochure or any advertising . If the participant disagrees he/she or his/her parents must precise this refusal in writing on the registration form.


  • Shown prices and sales conditions are valid through December 31, 2020.

Lawsuit: For any legal action, only Paris courts will be competent.
Language courses that fall on national holiday days will not be refunded.